Cobble Hill

Cobble Hill Rowhouse Header
This rowhouse was the second of two commissions on a single zoning parcel in the Cobble Hill Historic District — New York City’s most well-preserved nineteenth-century neighborhood. Our challenge was to design a building that harmonizes with the surrounding historic fabric, while also appealing to the clients’ modern sensibilities.
Cobble Hill Rowhouse Facade Corner
Cobble Hill Rowhouse Foyer
The building’s interior architecture is modern in its design. Our intent was to allow the major communal areas of the home to overlap both vertically and horizontally. Double-height space is unique in townhouses, but it is employed here to connect rooms on the garden and parlor floors, and to increase the visual connection of both floors to the rear garden.
Cobble Hill Rowhouse Stair Screens
Cobble Hill Rowhouse Stair Screen
Cobble Hill Rowhouse Stair
Cobble Hill Rowhouse Stairs from Above
Cobble Hill Rowhouse Family Room
Cobble Hill Rowhouse Kitchen
Cobble Hill Rowhouse Kitchen Island
Cobble Hill Rowhouse Family Room Stair
Cobble Hill Rowhouse Office
Cobble Hill Rowhouse Living Room
Cobble Hill Rowhouse Rear Facade Ironwork
Cobble Hill Rowhouse Oriel
We manipulated the massing and detailing of the front, side, and rear façades, combining traditional details with modern techniques. This is especially apparent in the building’s windows: the lintels and sills are made of brownstone, while the oriel window and rear bay are made of steel and glass. The juxtaposition of classical and contemporary creates an elegant structure rooted in a deep knowledge of the local vernacular.
Cobble Hill Rowhouse Carriage House
Cobble Hill Rowhouse Terrace
Cobble Hill Rowhouse Rear Facade

Building Information


Cobble Hill Historic District


5600 sf

Project Completed



Partner in Charge

Brendan Coburn (Design Lead), Jason Boutin (Design Partner)

Project Team

Abdou Ndoye, Paula Sherr, Stephen Sullivan

Interior Design

Ejeanne Interior Design


Interior Alterations, Inc.

Landscape Architect

Joanna Pertz Landscape Architecture, PC

Structural Engineering

Dominick R. Pilla Associates, PC

MEP Engineering

Charles G. Michel Engineering, PC


J. Callahan Consulting, Inc.


Francis Dzikowski / OTTO


Brice Gaillard